In 2002, God gave our family a gift both perfect and heart-wrenching; we were given an
exceptional child.  We had no idea at the time how wonderful and how hard parenting could be!

It is my belief that our exceptional kids, perfect in their neurological, psychological, behavioral,
social and emotional imperfection, are here to challenge all of us to DO better and BE better.

  • They’re here to help us be better parents, caregivers, teachers and friends.
  • They’re here to help us rethink our idea of and our attachment to “normal.”
  • They’re here to help us move beyond judgment, through acceptance and into celebration,
    as we recognize and celebrate each child’s unique gifts and contributions.
  • They’re here to help us open our hearts, find patience and creativity, and to learn to love others
    and ourselves more fully.

Our exceptional child has helped us learn an awful lot, and we learn more every day. My hope is that
something we’ve learned will help you, wherever you are in your parenting, caregiving or
teaching journey.

In addition to this blog, it is my intent to provide parents, caregivers and teachers of exceptional
children products and tools to help support our exceptional kids at home and in the classroom.
I hope you’ll follow me and share this site with your friends and loved ones, so you can hear about
new products and tools as they become available.

Your Turn

Leave a reply below to tell me about you, your family, and your exceptional child. I’d love to get to know you!


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