A letter of thanks

Our 5th grade year was incredibly difficult, as there was an administration change and complete culture shift at the school where we had previously been so happy. At the end of the year, I wrote but never sent this letter.

Dear Teachers and Staff, past and present,

This parent wishes to offer you my deepest gratitude for your service to our community, to our family, and especially, to our son.

Since we arrived at this school near the end of the 1st grade, many of you, from janitorial staff to front office staff, to support staff, teachers and beloved former administration, have demonstrated kindness and compassion, and a sincere desire to help our child succeed, to help him feel successful, and to help him know that he is valued for his unique spirit and character (as each child should be).

Many of you have taken the time to get to know him, and figure out what works and what doesn’t. You have weathered his meltdowns and celebrated his strengths and the great progress he has made through the years. Many of you have done your best to protect him during this very tumultuous year.

Our family is so grateful for all you have done and have tried to do. Although we have been battered and torn by the difficult changes this year, I just wanted you to know that our family remembers,  appreciates, and treasures all of the many kindnesses you have shown us across the years.

We’re grateful to have known you, and we hope you know that you have made a positive impact on at least one family.

Thank you for all you do every day.

I wish I had actually sent this letter, but I hope that someone who has been a such a hero in some family’s life reads this message and begins to understand the difference they have made.

And I hope a child or family reads it and is inspired to voice their thanks to the heroes in their own life.


2 thoughts on “A letter of thanks

    • Unfortunately, the staff have all scattered to the four winds. I do have contact info for a few of them and was thinking of sending to those I can still find. Perhaps they’ll send along to the others. Thanks for suggesting. 🙂


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