I don’t know about you, but our family has been through many struggles and heartaches, from the very early days as we first began to understand that our dear child was wired differently, continuing through the tumultuous journey of daycare and school.

It’s so easy sometimes to focus on what has been hard, what has gone wrong, and all the times we were not supported by the school system or the world. It would be easy to be bitter and hard-hearted, and to hold resentment against individuals or the system in general for trying to cram our child into a particular mold, or for punishing him for his reactions to situations over which he had no control, or for all the times he has been set up to fail, or when he has been made to feel broken and wrong.

Each and every time I start to slip into the abyss of victimhood, I am reminded of the many gifts that we have gained through this journey. Some are gifts of personal improvement and the many opportunities to practice patience and compassion.

Mostly, though, I am reminded of all of the beautiful people who have risen up like sweet flowers springing from the manure. Every step along the way, there have been heroes who have come forth to lend a helping hand, or a compassionate word, those who have taken the time to understand, value, support and protect our amazing child.

From the elementary school principal who welcomed us with open arms and helped us believe that it was all going to be okay, to teachers, secretaries, social workers, school psychologists and special ed teachers… Looking back, I can see how blessed we have been, and I am brought to tears in the remembering.

If you can relate to this message, I’d love for you to post a reply and tell me about some of the heroes you’ve encountered along your own journey.


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