The magic of nature

We’re stuck in a rut. There, I’ve said it.

Our daily routine is pretty much just home, work/school, home, dinner, bed, with the occasional evening appointment. Weekends are a typical mix of getting things done around the house and errands. You could fairly say that we don’t get out much.

autumn-hike_Two weekends in October, however, we piled in the car and took the scenic route to and through Rocky Mountain National Park. I even talked the men-folk into going for a hike! This was no easy task, as Dear Husband (DH)  is on his feet all week, and darling son is an “indoor kind of guy” with a strong aversion to things that buzz.

The result?  Well, I can’t say that Dear Husband was thrilled, but he didn’t complain, and he ended up taking some nice photos, capturing the late autumn colors. And son? After about ten minutes of grumping, he was happily chattering away about this and that, and suggesting we check out what’s around the next curve. And I was in heaven, soaking up moments of complete and blissful silence, away from the cacophony of the city, out in the woods with no other souls but the two people I love most in this world. Yep, that’s heaven alright. =D

Living on the east side of town, with an endless list of things begging to be done, and beloveds that seemingly would be happy to never leave the house, it feels like it takes a herculean effort to get out of the house and up to the mountains, which in reality are only an hour away. (So close, yet so far!)

Yet the forested hills feed my soul, and there’s so much to explore and experience.

My mission for the next 12 months?

Climb out of the rut, move into action and live!  Maybe I’ll have to start out by begging, cajoling or bribing, but I have faith that we’ll eventually settle into a rhythm, and we’ll all look forward to those times away, enjoying the magic and Ctrl+Alt+Delete of nature. Wish us luck!


One thought on “The magic of nature

  1. Those aspen leaves at the top of your post look just like ours here in Williams Lake, BC. Most of ours are on the ground now. We’ve had such winds lately. Thanks for taking me for a walk with you and your beloveds, Lisa! xo


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